Please enjoy your visit here and learn more about my new book, The Long Road to the Sixth ROK, my family’s personal memoir and our story of survival during Korea’s most perilous times.
–Young Ran Kim

My Eternal Orchid Press logo is complete with the centerpiece representing Yin-Yang in the center of the South Korean flag. The circle in the middle is derived from the philosophy of yin and yang and represents balance in the universe. The red half represents positive cosmic forces, and the blue half represents the opposing negative cosmic forces.

The Long Road to the Sixth ROK

“I grew up in South Korea during the politically chaotic period after World War II.

South Korea is known today as Miracle on the Han River, a description of a transformation from a developing country to an industrialized modern country.

What is still tragically obscured is its bloody history–thousands of lives maimed, lost, and displaced during South Korea’s struggle to become a truly democratic civilian government, the Sixth Republic of Korea, THE SIXTH ROK. This is the personal memoir of my family’s survival during those dark and violent times.”
–Young Ran Kim

The History of Post World War II Korea

Young Ran Kim, Speaker, and Author

presented at Oakmont Sunday Symposium, September 17, 2017

The Long Road to the SIXTH ROK is available on
in paperback and eBook.


My parents and me in Manchuria
Young with her parents in Manchuria









Capital building destroyed
Capital building destroyed
Seoul at night in 2016
Seoul at night in 2016

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The Long Road to the SIXTH ROK is available on in paperback and eBook.
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